GMAT in Greece

Graduate Management Admission Test or commonly known as GMAT is required for admission to most business schools in Greece and also other European countries. The business schools in Greece give first preference for admission to those with good GMAT scores. GMAT can also be used further for admission to various PhD program in business such as Accounting, Economics and also Finance.

The GMAT test does not only measure the candidates’ knowledge in business management. But, it also tests certain soft skills of the applicant such as:
  • Thinking strategically
  • Time management
  • Set priorities and also stick to them
  • Communicate concisely, persuasively and clearly
  • Build certain analyses which is based on observation and facts and not on thin air
  • Critically evaluate other’s work
  • Making good use of the available resources (which also includes themselves)
  • Simplifying the various complex issues
  • Decision making ability
  • Tolerate risk
  • One should well understand that business success isn't just about being perfect, but it is about being better.
The GMAT's 78 questions and two essays will change you on each and every point. Below is the table of GMAT test question distribution:

Section: Analytical Writing
- Analysis of Issue
 Number of Questions: 1
 Time Limit: 30 Minutes
- Analysis of Argument
  Number of Questions: 1
 Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Break: 5 Minutes

- Problem Solving
  Number of Questions: 34
- Data Proficiency
  Number of Questions: 13
Time Limit: 75 Minutes

Break: 5 Minutes

- Reading Comprehension
  Number of Questions: 10
- Sentence Correction
  Number of Questions: 14
- Critical Reasoning
  Number of Questions: 41
75 Minutes

Average GMAT Scores: GMAT Test Results

The average GMAT score keeps on increasing. Since more and more talented people have started opting for an MBA degree, thus they prepare vigorously for the GMAT, due to which a sharp increase in the average GMAT scores can be witnessed.

GMAT preparation tips

Here are few steps which will help you prepare for GMAT:
  1. The first and the most important point for GMAT preparation is to read the GMAT bulletin carefully from the first page to the back.

  2. A proper research should be done about the schools' average GMAT scores in which they wish to apply.

  3. A practice test is a must before getting the real one scheduled. A baseline score is required from which the candidate will get to know about the amount of time that the candidate will need to invest in preparation, and also will come to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Nearly all books for GMAT preparation that are easily available in the market and also online include full-length tests. Some GMAT test centers even offer mock test for GMATs.

  4. Based on this mock test will help you further to prepare and plot out your own study plan for to make yourself perfect for the final day.

  5. Even if your score well in the practice test and get a perfect 800 score make it certain that you do at least some more and serious training on computer to familiarize yourself with the GMAT timing and interface.

  6. Schedule your preparation test in much advance so that it doesn’t hamper with your application essay writing. There are also some "intensive" preparation programs that gives great difference to your your score in just a week or two weeks of work, which might tempt you to put off your preparation till December before which is just before the deadline in January.

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Contact Number: 31-26-352-1577

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