Student Visa for Greece

Every year, many students from around the globe come to Greece to pursue education in various fields. There are different kinds of visas that are being issued for different purposes. Given below is the whole process of acquiring a visa:

Types of Visa in Greece

  • Short Stay Visa
    A Schengen visa or a short stay visa holder can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days in any- 180 days period in Greece and other Schengen area countries which are as  following: Austria, Belgium, the Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and and Spain.

  • Long-Stay Visa
    A long-stay “D” visa allows its holder to enter and stay in Greece for more than 3 months or 90 days.
Any applicant can lodge application for a student visa when you have plans to travel for study or research purposes for 90 days at the max in any period of 180- days.

Important things to note:
The visa fees shall be waived for student belonging to one of the given points:
  • Undergraduate students, postgraduate students, school students, and even for teachers who accompany them.
  • Any Children below the age of 12.
  • Representatives of the non-profit organisations who is 25 years or less and are taking part in seminars, conferences, educational events, sports and cultural that are organised by the non-profit organisations.
  • Third countries Researchers who are travelling for the purpose of scientific research which is as per 2005/761/EC Recommendation No. of the the Council of 28 September 2005 and European Parliament.
  • Participants who are 25 years or less and are taking part in conferences, seminars, sports, educational events or cultural which is organised by the non-profit organisations.
  • Service and diplomatic passport holders.
  • Those category of citizens who belong to countries that have stopped the Agreements for Visa Facilitation with the EU. Those countries include Armenia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, FYROM, Montenegro, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
  •  EU citizen family members as far as the latter accompany or they travel to join the former.
  • The visa fee is non-refundable.

Photo Specifications

The important photo specifications for visa photographs are as follows:
  • It’s a must that the photograph is of high quality with not a single creases or ink marks
  • It should be clear and sharp focus
  • It should be 70-80% of the photograph
  • It should be a close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that that the face is properly visible
  • The width should be 35–40mm
  • The photograph of the applicant should not be more than 6-months old.

Processing Time

The Embassy within 48 working hours decides on the applications. However, in exceptional cases, this period may also extend up to 30 calendar days, when some further scrutiny is needed and when additional documentation are required in specific cases, then the period may even be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

It is also to be noted that if an applicant is submitting their application in Puducherry/ Cochin / Nepal and Sri Lanka, the processing time will be 2 more Working days in addition to the normal days that is defined by Embassies.

Documents for all applicants

Schengen Visa
  • Fully filled in and signed application form for a Schengen visa,
  • If the applicant is minor:
    - One written consent that is certified by public notary of the other parent or guardian is to be submitted if the minor is travelling with one parent only (It is exceptional if the parent is a single guardian).
    - A written consent which is certified by public notary of both parents and guardians having the care and custody of the applicant is to be submitted if the minor is travelling alone (without parents).
    - Passport copies of the parents. If the passport is not applicable, then the birth certificate of the applicant and ID cards of the parents should be submitted.
  • Regular income generated by ownership of business or property.
  • If the applicant is retired:
    - pension statements should be furnished for the last three months;
  • If the applicant is sponsored:
    -A proof of sponsorship
  • If the applicant is employed:
    - payslips of the applicant for the last three months;
    - employment contract;
    - employer's giving their statement on approval for holidays for the applicant;
    - If the applicant is self-employed or is a company owner then a certificate of registration of the company should be submitted
  • Proof of financial means:
    - The original private bank account statement which shows the turnover during the last three months and is signed by the bank and duly stamped;
    -  The last two assessment years Income tax return acknowledgment;
    -  In addition:
  • Proof of lodging
    Rental of holiday home, campus residence reservation or Hotel reservations is to be produced by every applicant. If the applicant decides to stay with a friend, or a family member then the proof of private accommodation from the host in the form of an “Ypefthini dilosi” (Solemn Declaration), which is duly signed by the sponsor and stamped by a Greek Public Authority should be submitted. Again, if the applicant is travelling to several Schengen States, then the proof of lodging in each of them should also be furnished.
  • Proof of means of transport
    The Flight reservation of return or round ticket. If the applicant is travelling to many Schengen States, then the domestic flight reservation proof, car rental or train itinerary is to be produced.
  • A Travel medical insurance which covers the territory of all Member States as well as the entire period of the intended stay. The insurance policy should also cover any eventual expenses relating to repatriation for urgent medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or medical reasons.
    The minimum coverage of any medical insurance is: 30.000 Euro.
  • Xerox copy of previous visas if any
  • A Clear Xerox copy of the first and the last page of the passport
  • Previous passport of the application (if only applicable)
  • Passport, which:
    - validity exceeds by three months the ending date of the visa duration
    - should include at least two blank pages
    -have been issued within that previous ten years when the visa is applied
  • One recent passport-size photograph of the applicant in colour with a white background, according to the relevant specifications that is laid down by ICAO.

Additional Documents that must be submitted:

  • For applicants travelling for the purpose of research, study, or any types of internship:
    - Certificate of registration or admission at an educational establishment for the purpose of attending vocational or academic course, or the cover letter from the inviting company.
    - Student certificates or cards of the current enrolled institute.
  1. The Embassy may sometime in justified cases, ask or request for additional documents
  2. All original documents and passport must be accompanied along with a copy
  3. The visa fee is non refundable if the visa is refused
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