Choosing the Right Course to Study in Greece

Choosing the right course of study at a country and a university of your choice is what matters the most, from the moment you decide to pursue your higher studies in a foreign country. This article help to select right study program in Greece.

Education Cost

Finding a quality program that's affordable is the most important thing for every aspirants who wish to study in Greece, those who don't want to compromise quality for cost, but at the same time it is very crucial to find programs that fits their personal budget. The costs for higher education in Greece doesn't just end with the university basic fees; rather, additional costs can add up for housing, insurance, meals, travel, excursions, medical needs, purchases and so many other things.

The Size Matters

Some study abroad programs in Greece have a very high limit for their enrollment, while the others are very selective about the number of students they consider for enrollment. Hence, it is very crucial that aspirant should determine beforehand in which situation they might feel more comfortable.

For that matter that should also not hesitate a bit to ask their study abroad program coordinator about the ratio between the staff and students. And depending on how you best you learn as a student, will help you choose a program of your choice with smaller or larger class size.

Greek Language Instructions

It is another important point that is to be noted is to ask if your program provides classes in English, Greek, or in both. But, that is not a big problem and even if you have no prior Greek language experience or even minimal knowledge, still you can find a program that suits your personal needs. Ask your program provider if they offer Greek for all levels, including beginner level instruction. It will be beneficial for you to learn the Greek language as soon as possible, after all, it is the official language. The more your knowledge of Greek will improve and the more adapt you will feel in the Greek culture and society. 

Know your Objectives

Every study abroad aspirants may have different reasons to study in a foreign country. Someone may want to conduct independent research, some may pursue a degree, some may want to complete a course and settle down in Greece and some may just want to travel and get away. Whatever be the reason, the goal should be properly set which will allow them to accomplish what they have in mind.

Checklist for you

  • The program which I have chosen is affordable.
  • I should know how much money I will need to save in order to apply in the program that I have chosen.
  • I should know about how much money I will spend while staying in the country of my choice.
  • I should decide beforehand about the study abroad program and also about the group size that would be ideal for me.
  • It should be clear in my mind about the language of instruction that I would prefer while pursuing my course. Whether it is Greek, English or a combination of both should be clear in my mind.
  • I should be clear about my personal goals and my main objective of wanting to study abroad in Greece.
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