Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Greece

Do you wish to pursue your higher education from a Greek University? Here’s proper admission guide for you to get entry to the Greek University of your dream. The Greek higher education system requires a secondary school leaving certificate which is equivalent to proof of the number of years that one has completed secondary schooling. Other than this, it is also a must to have a good recommendation.

It is mandatory to have a four year undergraduate degree if someone wish to enter into a post graduate study in  Greece  or from any another country. Hence, a three year university degree courses are not accepted in Greece. And this point is relevant not only for entrance into postgraduate courses but also for employment in any public sector offices in Greece.

Some doctorate degrees in Greece require a postgraduate degree in a relevant field. But, this varies between institutions and courses. Students are also required to submit a medical check-up before registration which is in addition to the educational qualifications.

Undergraduate studies (cycle - 1)

Greece is not a signatory country of the Lisbon Convention, but if one has completed upper secondary studies and has a valid certificate of school leaving and qualify for studies of higher education in your own country, than he/she may also qualify in Greece for higher education studies. However, one must prove their knowledge about Greek language and have studied another foreign language, such as Spanish, German, English or French. In some cases, one is also required to satisfy course specific requirements. For example, if a person is applying for mathematical studies, then it’s a must for him to have studied mathematics.

Master's studies (cycle - 2)

A person applying for Master’s program in a Greek University, must possess a relevant bachelor’s degree or some other degrees or diplomas that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Doctoral studies (cycle - 3)

Anyone applying for doctoral programs at a university in Greece, is required to possess a PG degree or diploma equivalent to a master’s degree.

Language requirements for studying in Greek Universities

Since Greek Higher Education is generally run in Greek, it’s a must for a person to hold a language certificate proving their knowledge of the Greek language. This certificate can also be provided by a school if you have studied the Greek language, or through some standardized tests such as the KPG, which gives the Greek State Certificate of Language Proficiency.

On the other hand, if someone attends a private institution, the language requirements will then depend on the teaching language of the school in question. In many cases the teaching language is English, and one will be required to provide proof of English language proficiency. For details see Standardized Tests

Application Procedures

The applications for Greek Universities go through the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and all applications need to be submitted by July 1 every year.

Minimum grade point for undergraduate studies in Greece (First cycle):

One needs to attain a minimum grade point to get entry to the majority of undergraduate studies (first cycle) in Greece. And this is the grade point that you receive after passing the upper secondary school studies in combination with the grades that you receive at the university entrance examinations in one’s home country. Therefore, it is advisable to always check with the Greek university about the minimum grade point that you need to obtain.

Minimum grade point for Master's studies in Greece (Second cycle):

The minimum grade point that is required to access Master's and graduate studies is approximately 7.5 out of a maximum of 10.
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